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Why you’ll love YukBGone®

YukBGone® is a simple yet effective blend of 3 natural ingredients – just water, vinegar and essential oils. No harsh chemicals. No dry hands. Its multi-purpose formula can be used on both hands and surfaces. It masks odors and dries quickly, and its convenient spray bottle fits easily into a pocket, small purse, backpack, briefcase or golf bag. 



Jody Harris, YukBGone FounderHow YukBGone® was born

After traveling for several years, YukBGone founder, Jody Harris, realized there was one thing that bothered her…YUCKY stuff. Yucky restrooms. Yucky shopping carts. Yucky hands. Her mind kicked into high-gear thinking about the fact that you don’t always have soap and water available. And hand sanitizers are sticky and full of harsh chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. There had to be a solution to this on-the-go problem to get rid of the YUCK, and thus, YukBGone® was born.



YukBGone Natural Hand & Surface Cleaner - Citrus Scent

The story behind the brand

Jody's passion to create a natural product came from the passing of her parents.  Her father died from carcinogens that were dumped into his main source of drinking water.  Days after her father's death, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. The thought of knowing that their cancer could have been avoided hit her deep in her soul.  She knew she could not bring her parents back, but that she could make a difference.  When she created YukBGone®, it was essential that she used all-natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals.



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About our logo

Jody wanted to honor the legacy of her parents, so when she created YukBGone's logo, she chose an Oak tree to represent hope and strength, and a water drop to represent her natural and healthy approach to staying clean.