YUKBGONE is an award winning all natural and non-toxic antimicrobial and natural disinfectant hand and surface cleaner scented with essential oils.  YukBGone's unique and slender shape conveniently slips into your back pocket, hand purse and be kept inside your vehicle center console, on your desk or anywhere around the house for a spritz or two.  

The Top 10 Most Popular Every Day Uses:

  1.  Spray and clean your hands throughout the day.
  2.  Clean your cellphone screen.
  3.  Use on shopping cart handles to clean.
  4.  Clean high chairs at restaurants.
  5.  Spray on baby changing tables.
  6.  Clean off children's faces. 
  7.  Spritz on toilet seats in public areas.
  8.  YukBGone helps cover up lingering smells.
  9.  Spray on a paper towel and use in drawers in bathroom or bedroom.
  10.  Clean your laptop and/or computer monitor.