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Top 10 Every Day Uses

YukBGone® is an award winning natural hand and surface spray cleaner that easily fits into a pocket, small purse, backpack, briefcase, or golf bag.

Keep it in your vehicle center console, on your desk or anywhere around the house for a quick and easy spritz or two that will leave your hands clean.

Top 10 Most Popular Every Day Uses:

  1. Spritz on shopping cart handles for a natural clean
  2. Spritz on hands prior to eating or after touching surfaces or shaking hands
  3. Spritz on toilet seats in public areas and wipe the surface clean
  4. Spritz on high chairs in restaurants
  5. Spritz on an envelope to seal instead of licking it
  6. Spritz on a paper towel and place it in a drawer to mask odor
  7. Spritz on hands and rub through hair to smooth away flyaway hairs
  8. Spritz on your laptop and/or computer monitor
  9. Spritz on public armrests, when traveling 
  10. Great for camping trips and outdoor events